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    Ultimate Home Theater Experience

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    The foundation of every smart household is the A/V equipment and the experience it provides. It ensures the delivery of crystal-clear audio and video at lighting fast speed that is guaranteed to take your breath away. The ultra-high definition sound and 3D picture quality consumes you as if you are inside the action yourself. Innovative seating allows for personalization while remaining in control of your home theater experience. This is just the beginning of the refined details the latest technology has developed to enhance your lifestyle greater than you could ever imagine!

    Home Theater Experience in Action

    Dolby Atmos provides the ultimate home theater experience that the Kommel family couldn’t live without. The dual-laser projection technology on their life-size screen assures everyone inside the theater has the same quality experience wherever they choose to be. For the Kommel’s, it was especially important to utilize their theater as an entertainment room for guests. Located inside the theater is a kitchenette as well as a bar for their convenience. It was specifically noticeable to Mr. Kommel that the clarity of the audio and video is perfect whether he chooses to sit at the bar for socializing or in the lower level comfort area.

    Home Theater styled by VIA Design and integrated by Grand Home Automation

    As the lights dim down to complete darkness, the amount of sensitivity revealed to my ears provokes an eerie tone. The film begins with powerful surround sound that I can feel. The images are so clear that I’m beginning to question the realness of the action in front of me. Enhanced dimensionality of sound leaves me appreciating the talented placement of each of the 13 speakers and 8 sub-woofers as a bird flies swiftly across each panel around my body. The sound of its wings creates the illusion that it is strikingly close. I instantly feel deeply immersed in my surroundings.

    Bringing The Art of Movie Making Back!

    The goal of a home theater is to bring the art of movie making to the comfort and convenience of your own home. It provides a dedicated space for you and your family to escape into the ultimate cinematic experience at any time. The customization factor ensures the perfection of every detail to your liking. The best part: A unique layout tailored specifically to YOU!

    Movies are intended to inspire, influence, and appreciate. The Kommel family allowed this luxury to transform their lives! They are now able to enjoy the most elite technology the market has to offer for their home theater.

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