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    The Truth: LED TVs explained.

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    If you’ve been watching TV lately, you might have seen some new commercials from manufacturers like Samsung, hyping their new “LED” televisions as a whole new breed that’s “changing how we watch TV.”

    Technically, these new “LED” TV’s are just LCD televisions with a display lit by LEDs on the outer edge of the TV, as opposed to being lit from behind. Most LCD TVs use fluorescent backlighting.

    So, this LED designation refers to the backlighting system thats employed on the newer LCD TVs, not the chip itself that’s produce the image. You might say that the only true LED TV is the one you see at a stadium or ballpark. The new home models should actually be called LCD / LED TVs.

    But, an LED TV can claim:

    – Lower power consumption.
    – No Mercury.
    – Thinner profile (because no flourescent-based backlighting).
    – Balanced color saturation.

    The good news is that LED backlighting is representing a new advance in technology, giving LCD TVs a performance level similar to plasmas in terms of black levels, while also allowing for even thinner, sleeker LCD TV designs. At Grand Home Automation, we’re all about advancement.

    Trust us to keep you posted on new developments and new product offerings when it comes to enhancing the home theater experience.