Jaw Dropping Home Theaters

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      The room is darkened, the popcorn is fresh, and the opening credits appear. Was that gum I just stepped in? Is this guy in front of us going to whisper loudly the whole movie? Oops I forgot to use the bathroom on my way in….

      We all love seeing movies but sometimes the hassles of the local cinema can be too much. This is one reason the popularity of home theaters is continuing to grow. CEDIA’s annual report of the U.S. Market Size & Scope reports an increase in installation of home theaters in ‘15 compared to ‘14.

      home-theatre-blogWe’ve all heard of (and probably seen) home theaters in person, but when looking into some of the most over-the-top, we found an article on Forbes that highlights some “fun to dream” about options. This includes a pirate-ship-themed theater with seating inside a wooden ship with the “sail” serving as a giant screen and a Caesar’s Palace in Vegas themed theater.

      Beyond these quirky ideas, CE Pro (Custom Electronics Professionals), an established trade publication in our industry shares these 6 real trends for where the home theater market is going:

      1. Multiple screens – for the ultimate multi-game sports viewing experience
      2. Hybrid space – to increase the use of the room beyond just on-screen entertainment
      3. Social networking – example: Grand Home Automation offers Samsung systems with built-in social apps like Facebook and Twitter, plus over 1,000 more.
      4. Networking media – wireless is often not enough to stream content – ethernet or other more powerful networking is crucial
      5. Speakers – floorstanding and speaker bars more popular, replacing in-wall speakers
      6. Value – price is dropping and rendering options much more affordable

      Do you agree with these trends? Which is the most relevant to you?

      Grand Home Automation is committed to staying on top of the latest developments in the home theater industry. If you’re ready to talk about home theatre options in your home, contact us today!