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      There’s not another room like it — home theater rooms are, without a doubt, the oasis of the home.

      Very few things are more relaxing than kicking back in your favorite theater seat (which of course is the best seat in the house) and taking a load off after a long day. Home theater installers know this, and can design an infinite number of setups to complement any home’s personality or atmosphere to create a truly unique and breath-taking experience, inviting you to fulfill your escapist fantasies, time and time again.

      Here’s a list of stunning home theaters that provide jaw-dropping design inspiration.

      1. Forget your blues with this striking theater color scheme

      2. Free your mind” in the The Matrix Theater

      3. If you have a passion for theater acoustics, you’ll love The Gullion Theater

      4. This beautiful home cinema seems like a suitable alternative to the chill of a cold winter day

      5. James Bond is a perfectly chosen film for this perfectly classy design

      6. The warm lighting and color scheme must make for a comfortable viewing atmosphere in this setup

      7. An incredibly beautiful and almost surreal looking home theater

      8. The Kips Bay Home Theater features very unique and visually appealing architectural elements

      9. This relaxing, yet solitary theater rendering takes the term “admit one” a little too literally, perhaps

      10. The Runco WindowWall is a perfect addition to this fantastically elegant theater

      11. This may just be the the ultimate viewing experience for the big game

      12. The light browns and hand-carved wooden panels kick up the class on a classic setup

      13. Quite simply, a breathtaking theater rendering set in paradise

      14. A social theater boasting contemporary design and a booming 7.1 surround sound system

      15. It’s not difficult to believe that this huge home theater has no problem comfortably entertaining large groups of guests

      16. This theater setup is a very classy looking creation

      17. Try not to fall asleep while taking a peek into this incredibly relaxing home theater cinema

      18. There’s a unique sense of style in this modern home theater creation

      19. A colorful theater scheme that seems to play subtly on a more retro appearance

      20. The large plush chairs make for an incredibly comfortable looking theater setup

      21. It would seem inappropriate to watch anything but science fiction in this amazing home theater setup

      22. This spacey home cinema indeed borrows heavily from the space sci-fi style, as well

      23. This warm theater design utilizes open space and looks positively awesome

      24. Enjoy the open air in the comfort of this unique theater

      25. This interesting concept for home theater design is out of this world