10 Products to Enhance Your Home Theater System

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      A great home theater system is more than just a place to watch your favorite shows and movies, it is an experience. With a solid setup, you can turn your viewing area into a space that allows you to become fully immersed in whatever you are watching, whether it is the latest Geico commercial or a James Bond film. HD video and audio technologies have come a long way in recent years, and even many older shows are being reworked to offer HD and blu-ray quality. Let’s take a look at 10 products that you can use to turn your ordinary Michigan home theater into an extraordinary one:

      1. A great wireless lighting system that lets you dim and raise the lights for a total theatrical experience

      2. Sony’s XBR– one of the highest performing HD, 3D, and Internet televisions on the market today

      3. This Furman Elite-20 Pf I Power Source offers top quality and maximum protection for your home theater system

      4. This Liberty Cable wall mount makes it easy to hang and tilt televisions up to 65” for perfectly angled viewing

      5. Need more cable without signal loss? This HDMI extender from Liberty AV Solutions offers the perfect answer

      6. Rigging your own system? A 250 foot reel of HDMI cable allows you to cut and crimp to fit, preventing tangled cords and excessive clutter.

      7. A great digital media switcher from AMX makes it easy to select the components you want to use

      8. Got digital media you want to share between devices? The MAX-CSE Encoder delivers it to any compatible device in your home

      9. Leviton’s Connected Home structured cabling lets you distribute your home theater signals throughout your home

      10. For an audio experience that is hard to rival, consider Leviton’s SpecGrade speakers

      Home theater enhancement can be achieved a number of different ways these days, as technology seems to be growing at a record-setting pace. Building the ultimate Michigan home theater system is a great way to bring the best of the theatre into the comfort of your own home, and these 10 components can help you really make the most of the experience!