Home Security Innovations for the Smart Home

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      Sure, having a home security system can protect your family and possessions, save you 20% on homeowners insurance, and provide major peace of mind – which are all key benefits our customers appreciate. But beyond this, how is technology improving your connected home security systems?

      Quite a bit, not surprisingly.

      home-security-blogMonitoring your home and property remotely for invasion and other perils, the ability to control temperatures and appliances with your phone, and even the ability to control your underground sprinkling when you’re away are just some ways technology provides more value for
      homeowners. Keeping up with it all is a job we at Grand Home Automation take very seriously.

      Global market researcher, Technavio, which produces reports on many industries to uncover new opportunities and predict trends, has published a report that identifies the Top 4 Trends in the Connected Home Security Market.

      1. High growth of home cloud solutions. Home clouds are a secure, personalized place to store all of your content that can be accessed via any connected device, alleviating worries that you’ll lose or compromise important video, images and documents.
      2. Remote arming of the home security system. The options for homeowners are growing – some systems can automatically notify law enforcement of break-ins – and the ability to arm and disarm systems even when you’re away from home is now possible.
      3. Integration of personal drones with personal security features. As sci-fi as this sounds, this idea is gaining traction and for good reason: drones can take video or photos of intruders and stay safely out of danger by flying overhead and out of reach.
      4. Adoption of cloud-based technologies. It’s no surprise technology gets better and less expensive over time. Cloud technologies are easy for homeowners to use, the systems monitor themselves, and can be operated from anywhere from any connected device. This means less hardware and less complexity.

      Intriguing, right? If you have feedback on the technology or are interested in learning more about what we could help you accomplish in your home, contact us to discuss!