Football season is on the way

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      With the upcoming NFL, college football & high school football seasons on the horizon, parties at the home will be commonplace. Between cheering for favorite teams and having fantasy drafts, football tends to bring together many families & friends each weekend during the fall. However, a major key to enjoying football at its best is making sure home entertainment is set up correctly.

      Grand Home Automation has the ability, speed & know-how to make sure the home is set up for that fantasy football party. Or maybe having friends over after the big high school game. Even the ultimate in February – that big SuperBowl party. No matter the game, the importance of being ready for the upcoming seasons is crucial.

      Personal Home Theater Systems

      Having the luxury of a personal home theater system, provides all of your guests the best quality sound and image from any spot in the room. Completely custom theaters can include a bar for socializing or even a kitchenette to maximize your experience. Additionally, you’ll never miss a detail on the big screen with 4k visuals and crystal clear audio – custom made for YOUR space. Revamp your home to be the hot spot of the season with all of the bells and whistles technology has to offer!

      Home Entertainment For The New Season

      The start to a new season can also be the start to your new home entertainment experience. Let the excitement of the first game stick around all season long as you await each kick-off from the big screen. Feel like you’re in the stadium with the powerful audio effects from Dolby Atmos. This full-bodied system brings a whole new level of realism and excitement to each viewer. The placement of the speakers throughout the room create the illusion that you are surrounded in the environment and immersed in the game yourself.

      After the game?

      There’s never been a better time to invest in your own personalized home theater. After the game, enjoy a relaxing family movie night that even your kids won’t want to miss. Enjoy your theater any season, all season long! Let Grand Home Automation craft your perfect home theater to the space of your dreams! Our goal is to turn your vison into a masterpiece far past your expectation.

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