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    OS 3 Breakthrough for Control4

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    Control4 Releases New Update: OS 3

    Control4 has just released their newest update: OS 3. The developers describe this update as, “the first operation system specifically designed for the modern home”. Their goal was to completely eliminate the complexity of the smart home and provide an evolved and refined experience. Not only did they eliminate complexity, but they made the customer experience more user friendly across any device. Enhanced personalization has made an impact on the music features, favorites, dashboard and many other features as well! This new update has completely changed the smart home experience to be more fast, intuitive and easy.

    The new user interface creates a fresh and refined impression on every feature in OS 3. There are bigger buttons and text across your mobile device, touch screen panel and tv. This is a feature that Control4 is very excited about because it is what their customers have specifically been asking for in the systems to come. The user interface in OS 3 also delivers more control since it is so much easier for the customer to operate.

    OS 3

    OS 3 Provides Enhanced Music Experience That Customers Will Love!

    Control4 has completely enhanced the music experience to one that their customers will love! OS 3 allows users to easily choose what rooms they want music in and customize accordingly. Additionally, the larger buttons make it so controlling the volume and choosing favorite rooms are completely user friendly and easy to maneuver.

    OS 3 Introduces: Personalization and Favorites

    The biggest impact that OS 3 delivers to Control4 is the ability to personalize and create favorites. The new ‘at a glance dashboard’ makes it so you are quickly able to see the status of each component in your home that are specifically important to you. The dashboard can show you the status of your home security, lighting, shading, temperature and many more features as well!

    Always in Your Control!

    The overall experience clients receive from OS 3 is the unprecedented personalization and control. While home automation can seem complex to some, this system proves it was meant to make your home life simpler and more secured. Control4 has created a foundation for a lot of new features to come in this area. These features are made to ensure each client has their own customized system.

    Grand Home Automation is proud to introduce OS3 to the Control4 system because it will continue to allow us to give our clients what is most important to them. The ability to personalize and control your environment on this new level is really exciting for us to provide. Let us serve your needs by integrating all of your devices into one fast, easy and controlled system!

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    “Smart” Holiday Gift Ideas for the Person who has Everything!

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    The lights are strung, the stockings are hung, and Christmas music has been playing for a while now on the radio. A rare few of us have all our shopping done, while the rest of us are looking at our holiday shopping list feeling baffled. Yes, holiday gift stress is real.

    It’s an age old problem: what to get the person who already has everything? Or someone who asks for nothing?

    There are a lot of holiday gift ideas out there. Gift certificates, subscriptions to monthly products like food or magazines, and prepaid services like car washes and babysitting. We think we have a pretty good one to add this this list: an upgrade of home comfort & control systems.

    holiday-gifts-blogIn an article called “Why Smart Homes Will Be A Million Times Better Than ‘The Jetsons’’ on Forbes, “A smart, or connected, home is defined as one where the lights, heating/ventilation/air-conditioning (HVAC), security alarm and other household devices can be automated and remotely controlled by a smartphone, tablet or computer. The key drivers in smart home adoption are home security, energy efficiency, entertainment, convenience/productivity, connectivity and health monitoring.”

    From the Amazon Echo (and Echo Dot), which acts as a voice-activated personal assistant for connected devices a la “Alexa, add peanut butter to my shopping list” to a whole house upgrade to provide roof to basement security and comfort, which smoothly integrates the latest technology into a true next level at-home experience, there are plenty of options for the gift giver. As time goes on, many of the top holiday gift ideas go into the tech spectrum, due to many items being excellent daily practical use.

    Curious about how technology can make your loved ones’ lives easier? Or ready to make your own life easier? Contact us today to start the conversation!

    Enjoy the Holiday Season!