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    OS 3 Breakthrough for Control4

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    Control4 Releases New Update: OS 3

    Control4 has just released their newest update: OS 3. The developers describe this update as, “the first operation system specifically designed for the modern home”. Their goal was to completely eliminate the complexity of the smart home and provide an evolved and refined experience. Not only did they eliminate complexity, but they made the customer experience more user friendly across any device. Enhanced personalization has made an impact on the music features, favorites, dashboard and many other features as well! This new update has completely changed the smart home experience to be more fast, intuitive and easy.

    The new user interface creates a fresh and refined impression on every feature in OS 3. There are bigger buttons and text across your mobile device, touch screen panel and tv. This is a feature that Control4 is very excited about because it is what their customers have specifically been asking for in the systems to come. The user interface in OS 3 also delivers more control since it is so much easier for the customer to operate.

    OS 3

    OS 3 Provides Enhanced Music Experience That Customers Will Love!

    Control4 has completely enhanced the music experience to one that their customers will love! OS 3 allows users to easily choose what rooms they want music in and customize accordingly. Additionally, the larger buttons make it so controlling the volume and choosing favorite rooms are completely user friendly and easy to maneuver.

    OS 3 Introduces: Personalization and Favorites

    The biggest impact that OS 3 delivers to Control4 is the ability to personalize and create favorites. The new ‘at a glance dashboard’ makes it so you are quickly able to see the status of each component in your home that are specifically important to you. The dashboard can show you the status of your home security, lighting, shading, temperature and many more features as well!

    Always in Your Control!

    The overall experience clients receive from OS 3 is the unprecedented personalization and control. While home automation can seem complex to some, this system proves it was meant to make your home life simpler and more secured. Control4 has created a foundation for a lot of new features to come in this area. These features are made to ensure each client has their own customized system.

    Grand Home Automation is proud to introduce OS3 to the Control4 system because it will continue to allow us to give our clients what is most important to them. The ability to personalize and control your environment on this new level is really exciting for us to provide. Let us serve your needs by integrating all of your devices into one fast, easy and controlled system!

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    SPYING TECH FEARS – Always Watching?

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    Last month an 11 year old computer prodigy named Reuben Paul demonstrated to a shocked audience of cybersecurity experts just how easy it is to “hack” into consumer technology devices when he hacked his own smart teddy bear at a confspying tech fearserence. He said of his trick, “I basically showed how I could connect to [a remote Internet-connected device], and send commands to it.” Today, we talk about spying tech fears that can be an issue for overall cybersecurity.

    Talk about one more thing to worry about!

    So, what is being done to alleviate consumer fears about cybersecurity related to their connected devices?

    The United States Department of Homeland Security draws on its vast expertise in cybersecurity, critical infrastructure protection, and preparedness efforts to address the challenge in securing the IoT (Internet of Things). It has published fact sheets and guidelines for industry to use when designing and developing technology for consumers.

    Beyond developing guidelines, the government also penalizes companies that violate security. The Federal Trade Commission recently fined TV maker Vizio $2.2 million for collecting and selling consumer viewing data to third parties.

    At Grand Home Automation, Inc. we are working to apply the standards that are currently being championed by various trade groups to alleviate consumer fears (such as the spying tech fears securityCybersecurity Checklist Tool developed by the Consumer Technology Association). Our standards are designed to alleviate as many spying tech fears as possible.

    Do you want the convenience of a connected home but are nervous about cyber security? Our team is making every effort to ensure that your smart home technology is not only secure but easy to use. Contact us today to start the conversation.

    Surveillance Benefits for Modern Homeowners

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    You may think that the fancy security and surveillance systems you’d see at homes on TV are cool but reserved exclusively for the very wealthy or for the criminally inclined. However, thanks to technology, having video surveillance is just one of many advantages of today’s modern “connected” home. The numbers of homeowners opting for these systems continues to grow. Indeed, a recent survey of 1,600 North American consumers indicated that half of them planned to purchase at least one connected product in the next year, which ranged from surveillance cameras to connected lighting to door locks to appliances. Last month, SecurityInfoWatch published an article that backed our own experience that homeowners agree that a connected home is a secure home. Additionally, the article describes many ways a surveillance system can benefit homeowners.

    home-security-blogToday’s connected home systems can use surveillance in real time for the following reasons:

    • To catch would-be burglars
    • To monitor pets while at work
    • To maintain peace-of-mind that the home is secure while travelling
    • To ensure the kids have gotten home from school safely while you’re at work
    • To keep an eye on the elderly

    A couple other examples that our clients appreciate include being able to check on the activity of hired in-home individuals such as babysitters and house cleaners, and to track the comings and goings of home contractors.

    We talk a lot about the “connected” home and that is because there are so many ways we can connect homeowners to convenience and safely. Video surveillance is one part of what we do to create functional environments. We can also help with access control, home theatre, lighting, sound/speakers, and more to create a truly modern and connected home.

    Like many products for the home, equipment and capabilities vary widely. We specialize in helping homeowners make wise choices for their individual needs and budget to create a modern connected home. Not sure where to start? Contact us today to chat!

    Home Security Innovations for the Smart Home

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    Sure, having a home security system can protect your family and possessions, save you 20% on homeowners insurance, and provide major peace of mind – which are all key benefits our customers appreciate. But beyond this, how is technology improving your connected home security systems?

    Quite a bit, not surprisingly.

    home-security-blogMonitoring your home and property remotely for invasion and other perils, the ability to control temperatures and appliances with your phone, and even the ability to control your underground sprinkling when you’re away are just some ways technology provides more value for
    homeowners. Keeping up with it all is a job we at Grand Home Automation take very seriously.

    Global market researcher, Technavio, which produces reports on many industries to uncover new opportunities and predict trends, has published a report that identifies the Top 4 Trends in the Connected Home Security Market.

    1. High growth of home cloud solutions. Home clouds are a secure, personalized place to store all of your content that can be accessed via any connected device, alleviating worries that you’ll lose or compromise important video, images and documents.
    2. Remote arming of the home security system. The options for homeowners are growing – some systems can automatically notify law enforcement of break-ins – and the ability to arm and disarm systems even when you’re away from home is now possible.
    3. Integration of personal drones with personal security features. As sci-fi as this sounds, this idea is gaining traction and for good reason: drones can take video or photos of intruders and stay safely out of danger by flying overhead and out of reach.
    4. Adoption of cloud-based technologies. It’s no surprise technology gets better and less expensive over time. Cloud technologies are easy for homeowners to use, the systems monitor themselves, and can be operated from anywhere from any connected device. This means less hardware and less complexity.

    Intriguing, right? If you have feedback on the technology or are interested in learning more about what we could help you accomplish in your home, contact us to discuss!