Surveillance Benefits for Modern Homeowners

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      You may think that the fancy security and surveillance systems you’d see at homes on TV are cool but reserved exclusively for the very wealthy or for the criminally inclined. However, thanks to technology, having video surveillance is just one of many advantages of today’s modern “connected” home. The numbers of homeowners opting for these systems continues to grow. Indeed, a recent survey of 1,600 North American consumers indicated that half of them planned to purchase at least one connected product in the next year, which ranged from surveillance cameras to connected lighting to door locks to appliances. Last month, SecurityInfoWatch published an article that backed our own experience that homeowners agree that a connected home is a secure home. Additionally, the article describes many ways a surveillance system can benefit homeowners.

      home-security-blogToday’s connected home systems can use surveillance in real time for the following reasons:

      • To catch would-be burglars
      • To monitor pets while at work
      • To maintain peace-of-mind that the home is secure while travelling
      • To ensure the kids have gotten home from school safely while you’re at work
      • To keep an eye on the elderly

      A couple other examples that our clients appreciate include being able to check on the activity of hired in-home individuals such as babysitters and house cleaners, and to track the comings and goings of home contractors.

      We talk a lot about the “connected” home and that is because there are so many ways we can connect homeowners to convenience and safely. Video surveillance is one part of what we do to create functional environments. We can also help with access control, home theatre, lighting, sound/speakers, and more to create a truly modern and connected home.

      Like many products for the home, equipment and capabilities vary widely. We specialize in helping homeowners make wise choices for their individual needs and budget to create a modern connected home. Not sure where to start? Contact us today to chat!