Backyard music fun for summer with Outdoor Audio

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      Have you been enjoying lounging outside this summer, sipping a cold drink and soaking up the sun by the pool? Or maybe you look forward to sitting on your patio after a long day and leisurely grilling steaks. Backyard relaxation is one of the true joys of enjoying a fun summer with friends & family.

      What could possibly make this scenario any better? Music! Nowadays there is no reason to limit your tunes to the car or your living room when we can help you wire your outdoor space for sound. Manufacturers have made great strides in designing durable, discreet speakers for homeowners to use wherever they want to enjoy.

      Grand Home Automation has a long history of designing outdoor audio systems and offers qualified designers and installation technicians with knowledge of architecture, construction, electronics, décor, sound, and ergonomics to enhance your environment. Equipment is chosen with sound, appearance, and craftsmanship in mind. Using specialty products from manufacturers like Audio Design Associates, Escient, Marantz, Oxmoor, Sonance, Snell and Triad, Grand Home Automation can make your audio dreams come to life.

      Interested in impressing your guests at your next backyard summer party? Or like the idea of listening to music outside while you garden, sunbathe or just relax? Contact us today to explore the possibilities.