SPYING TECH FEARS – Always Watching?

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      Last month an 11 year old computer prodigy named Reuben Paul demonstrated to a shocked audience of cybersecurity experts just how easy it is to “hack” into consumer technology devices when he hacked his own smart teddy bear at a confspying tech fearserence. He said of his trick, “I basically showed how I could connect to [a remote Internet-connected device], and send commands to it.” Today, we talk about spying tech fears that can be an issue for overall cybersecurity.

      Talk about one more thing to worry about!

      So, what is being done to alleviate consumer fears about cybersecurity related to their connected devices?

      The United States Department of Homeland Security draws on its vast expertise in cybersecurity, critical infrastructure protection, and preparedness efforts to address the challenge in securing the IoT (Internet of Things). It has published fact sheets and guidelines for industry to use when designing and developing technology for consumers.

      Beyond developing guidelines, the government also penalizes companies that violate security. The Federal Trade Commission recently fined TV maker Vizio $2.2 million for collecting and selling consumer viewing data to third parties.

      At Grand Home Automation, Inc. we are working to apply the standards that are currently being championed by various trade groups to alleviate consumer fears (such as the spying tech fears securityCybersecurity Checklist Tool developed by the Consumer Technology Association). Our standards are designed to alleviate as many spying tech fears as possible.

      Do you want the convenience of a connected home but are nervous about cyber security? Our team is making every effort to ensure that your smart home technology is not only secure but easy to use. Contact us today to start the conversation.