2012 Home Theater Designs

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      With CES just around the corner, there have been a lot of big changes in the world of home theater. Here, we want to take a look at what is big in the industry for 2012. What’s trending, what’s popular, and most importantly- what is going to give you the best experience in home theater designs for your money?

      Make Way for the Cloud

      A lot of fuss was made when iOS made the move to start storing data in the cloud. Were there going to be major privacy issues? Would media still be easy to access? Consumers were skeptical for about six seconds, but when everyone realized that Cloud storage meant synching on the fly and letting go of the tethers, the technology was rapidly adapted to. Home theater companies have absolutely been watching what happened with iOS, and the simple fact is that they are taking the idea and running with it. Cloud media storage is huge right now, and there is no doubt that it is going to get bigger. While discs may not go away entirely in 2012, there is no doubt that a massive surge in Cloud storage is going to put a huge dent in DVD sales and start the decline of the disc in a huge way.

      Internet TV Finally Taken Seriously In Home Theater Designs

      Internet TV has been around in some form for quite a while now, but it just hasn’t gotten the steam that many hoped. Hulu Plus and Netflix were doing okay (although Netflix made some simply massive mistakes in 2011), but the thinking is still largely that Internet TV is only for those times when you can’t find what you want through your cable company’s current lineup. With more than half of televisions expected to carry GoogleTV by year’s end, however, this may start to change. A huge increase in apps, as well as a surge in devices that can install and use them might also spell a significant increase in Internet TV, media streaming, and online viewing as a whole.

      Sound Bars In Home Theater Designs

      While prepackaged home theater kits have long been a great way to make up for the HDTVs shipping with inferior speakers, even the wireless solutions present a hassle for many people seeking an easy setup. Sound bars are absolutely surging in popularity, and many believe that 2012 will see a major increase in sound bar technology, sales, and implementation.

      3DTV- Finally Coming to More Home Theaters Near You?

      3DTV was expected to be huge when it was unveiled a couple of years ago, but the technology has gotten off to a lagging start. Many find the glasses cumbersome, the number of available channels and movies is simply too low to justify the cost, and oh, yes, the cost itself. Simply put, 3DTV hasn’t gotten a lot of early adopters. 2012 looks to be the year that this finally changes, with prices expected to lower throughout the year and much more content to become available. With numerous companies looking to make models that don’t require glasses, however, it might just be worth waiting a little bit longer!

      Grand Rapids home theater customers have lots of options when it comes to custom design, but staying on top of the trends can be a big benefit. Not only does it keep you covered in terms of state of the art technology, but it makes future upgrades a lot more affordable. There are lots of big trends coming our way if CES was any indicator, and getting the right professional home theater design can turn your existing Michigan home theater into the envy of everyone you know.